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Prof (Dr) C M Singh

( MBBS, MD (Com Med), FIPHA, MNAMS )

Medical Superintendent

Department Affiliation :

  • Dept. of Community & Family Medicine

E-mail ID :

Achievements, Awards, Fellowship:

  • Principal Investigator in 57+ projects; Co-PI in 61+ projects
  • 81+ Research publications; (31+ Pubmed Indexed and 5 publications in the Lancet)
  • Fellowship - Indian Public Health Association
  • Membership –National Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Member of Specialty Board of Community Medicine, National Board of Examination
  • Chairperson of Institute Ethics Committee of IIT, Patna
  • "Corona Warrior Award" on the eve of Doctor’s Day 1st July 2020 IMA, Bihar.
  • Doctor’s Pride award from Hon’ble Health Minister, Govt. of Bihar, Shri Mangal Pandey organized by Dainik Bhaskar, Bihar & Jharkhand for contribution to society in COVID-19 pandemic.
  • "Corona Warrior Award" by IMA Muzaffarpur

Educational Qualification
SL. No.DegreeAcademic YearSubjectCollege/University
1.MD1999-2002Community MedicineMLB Medical College Jhansi (UP)
2.MBBS1992-1997Bachelor of MedicineGSVM Medical College, Kanpur
International Membership of Professional Bodies :

  • International Epidemiological association

Membership of Professional Bodies :

  • Indian Public Health Association
  • Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine.
  • Indian Medical Association
  • National Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Epidemiological Foundation of India (Founder Member)
  • Indian Society of medical statistics
  • Consortium against Rabies

Publications :

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